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The Healthy Environments was founded to help Florida residents live a happier and healthier life, by improving their environment.

Who We Are

We are a mold remediation company that uses multiple highly effective mold removal techniques. One is our patented, pet safe and non-toxic techniques is known as “Dry Fogging” which is EPA approved in all the 50 states of the US. The eco-friendly Dry Fog technology aims to improve the health of families by working against bacteria, germs, fungus and other harmful microorganism found in the living environment.

Who We Serve

Many clients have benefited from the services offered by Healthy Environments, they include business enterprises, private homes, and offices.

Our History

My wife and I created The Healthy Environments because she experienced the ill effects of "black mold" several years ago while living in Georgia and had no idea how serious it was for her and her young children.

After consulting numerous doctors and not finding effective solutions, she decided to dig into the research herself to figure out the root cause of their symptoms and the best treatment options.

This was the primary reason she evolved into a Board-certified integrative physician, so she can effectively treat those who are suffering from the ill effects of mycotoxins and other environmental toxins & biotoxins.

Dr Christine Wildeman MD
Panacea Integrative Medicine LLC - Website

(941) 402-4321

Why Dry Fog

We believe the process is crucial when high levels of mold are present in a building as a strategy to ward off devastating effects of mold on people. High concentrations of mold can cause people to contract asthma, allergies and other illnesses. Our non-toxic Dry Fog mold remediation ensures every visible and hidden spore is trapped and eliminated, whether it is coming from the air vent, carpet or walls.


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